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Why choosing Cyprus

Cyprus joined the EU on the 01st of May 2004, unlocking new possibilities for broadening lifestyle and investment opportunities.

Due to its topography, it attracts many tourists from all around the world making Cyprus one of the most popular destinations. The reasons for this are many: the warm hospitality, the relaxed lifestyle, the fascinating history and of course the breath-taking beaches and views.

Cyprus offers a blissful blend of secluded and well-facilitated beaches. The magnificent Trodos mountain is within a very pleasurable driving range of about 30 min from Limassol which makes a Cyprus the only island in the world where you can ski and swim on the same day.

Cyprus is a modern country that enjoys a strategic geographical position. It lies at the crossroads of 3 continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, thus provides unrivalled access and travel opportunities.

With its excellent flight connections and first-class airports, the island is perfectly placed for working and travelling within and beyond the European Union.

Cyprus has a rich heritage and diverse culture, fresh air, a wonderful Mediterranean climate with 340 sunny days per each year, total population of 1.1 m out of which 21% are foreigners. Total area of Cyprus is 9,251 km2 and average temperature is +13C in the winter and +34C during summer period.

The island offers a low cost but high standard of living, free-market, service based economy and is a favored business destination due to its strong set of business and taxation advantages.

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