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About Limassol

Located on the southern coast, Limassol stretches around westward to the Paphos district, bordering with the district of Larnaca on the east and with Nicosia on the north.

Limassol it is the largest seaside resort with the 15-kilometre coastline.

It is the second largest city of Cyprus with a population of approximately 180.000 and a metropolitan population of 240.000 claiming its role as an international business center and a cosmopolitan metropolis.

The vivacious city center, seems to offer a journey through time where the University with its bustling young students aiming for a brighter future is just a few streets away from the old market and ancient castle which link us to the past. Gracefully blending old with new continues, as across the seafront one can appreciate the cosmopolitan side of Limassol with its contemporary business structures and modern apartment buildings while only several kilometers away one can find charming areas with cobblestone streets, quaint buildings with overhanging terraces under which there are a profusion of small shops, restaurants and cafes.

In addition to the recognized popularity as a tourism destination, Limassol is also an administrative and business center, a port, a resort, the center of the wine industry and home to many archeological sites.

The location of the city combined with the generous tax breaks attracts companies from all around the world, offering feasible opportunities to establish a base for their operations in Limassol.

Limassol Promenade
View of the Mediterranean sea
Limassol Marina
Newly constructed Limassol Marina
Ancient city of Kourion
View from the Kourion hill

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