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Unique Cyprus Permanent Residency for Property Buyers

Residency Permit

Buying property in Cyprus allows the buyer to obtain a permanent residence permit. We offer an "A to Z" service for non-EU citizens seeking residency in Cyprus by means of buying a property.

To be granted a life-long (permanent) residence permit in Cyprus, the applicant needs to purchase a new property of two new properties from the same developer with a total price of Euro 300,000.00 excluding the VAT.

At the time of submission of the application, Euro 200.000,00 (excluding the VAT) must be transferred in settlement of the property and the contract of sale must be registered at the Lands office.

The issuance of Cyprus permanent residence permits takes about 2 months all covers all family members, including financially dependent children under 25 years old. A Cyprus residence permit allows the holder to stay in Cyprus all year round.

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